The Full Spectrum Laser Weekly Contest operates under the principles of fairness, professionalism and integrity to all participants, sponsors and judges (when applicable). As such, we highly recommend that all contestants read and understand these rules.


  1. Contest Submissions. To qualify for entry, contestants must meet the following criteria:

    a. All contestants must be 18 years old or older upon submission into the contest.
    b. Contestants must be current registered customers of Full Spectrum Laser, using their real name.
    c. Contestants must own a Full Spectrum Laser laser system. This can be any past or current model in the Hobby Series,
    Pro-Series or MC-Series.

    Contestants must meet one of the following Social Media obligations:
    1) Facebook. Follow our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/fslaser/) , “Like” the original, official contest posting. Post a picture related to the weekly contest theme in comments. Type “#FSLweeklycontest” in the comments.
    2) YouTube. Subscribe to our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/FullSpectrumLasers). “Like” the contest video you are submitting to. Post a link to a picture relating to the weekly contest theme and type “#FSLweeklycontest” in the comments.
    3) Instagram. Follow our Instagram page (https://www.instagram.com/fullspectrumlaser/). “Like” the contest post you are submitting to. Post a picture related to the weekly contest theme on your Instagram page with “#FSLweeklycontest”. Tag us to your post.
    4) Twitter.
    Follow our Twitter (https://twitter.com/FullSpecLaser). “Like” the contest post you are submitting to. Post a picture related to the weekly contest theme on your Instagram page with “#FSLweeklycontest”

    Contestants may submit to any or all of these entry platforms; however, only one entry per person, per week is counted toward that
    week’s contest.


Contest Deadlines. All submissions must be entered by Tuesday at midnight of that week’s contest. New submissions for the next contest begin Wednesday at 12:01 am. Winners will be announced on Wednesdays via social media postings and during "Wednesday with Walker."


Ineligibility. Employees, sponsors and judges (when applicable) of The Full Spectrum Weekly Contest, and their immediate families, are ineligible to participate as contestants.


Posting Restrictions. Posting inappropriate language or images will void your contest submission and may threaten your social media account. We will remove and report any illegal or offensive material, as well as ban the offender from all future postings and contest eligibility. Ineligible submissions will also be immediately invalidated. As well, follow all rules of your social media’s terms of agreement.  


Posting Original Material. All submissions must be the original work of the contestant listed and not in violation of any copyright laws, trademarks, intellectual property rights or basic ethical standards. Any submission found to be in violation of the above or to be proven to be plagiarized in any way will be immediately disqualified. Only original pictures, taken by, or for, the submitting contestant, are eligible. Contest submissions posting or claiming ownership pictures that are NOT taken by, or for, the submitting contestant are immediately invalidated and disqualified.


Rights Retained. While all rights to original images and designs are completely retained by the submitting contestant, Full Spectrum Laser retains the rights to reuse such images for marketing purposes. The original creator will be credited. We also claim the right to use your name and publicly posted image for future marketing of this (or other) contest(s). This will always be done in a positive and promotional spirit for the best images and projects submitted. We are not affiliated with, nor do we support any or commercial studio, and do not financially gain from any original project postings or ideas.


No Liability. We are not responsible for any personal “losses” associated with this contest, including any perceived losses (financially, personally, etc.) associated with social media, in marketing this contest. We further are not liable for any theft of concepts or direct images associated with the contest by third parties. Furthermore, The Full Spectrum Laser Weekly Contest shall in no way be held liable for any such legal action that results from unlawful or restricted submissions.


No Self Marketing. No marketing material included with any entry will be looked at or considered. DO NOT submit pictures, images or project shots of corporate logos or corporate products. DO NOT submit any images or project shots of any material that is protected by Intellectual Property Laws. Doing so will invalidate your entry and disqualify you from the contest. Some exceptions may apply. Ask us, if you have questions.   


Prize Allocation. Prizes will only be awarded to one individual. If project images are from a group, only the registered machine operator will win the prize. Prizes are fixed and do not multiply for multiple creators of a single submission. Prizes may be redeemable for equal value of credit, exclusively to purchase Full Spectrum Laser products with a retail value of $1000 or more. Only one discount may be used at a time and redeeming for credit cannot be combined with other sales or coupons.


This contest is VOID WHERE PROHIBITED or restricted by any Federal, State or Local law.